Revolutionary Steering

A pure and flawless riding experience. There is truly nothing like it in the world. Our intuitive lean-to-steer design lets your movement and reflexes lead the way. CycleBoards innovative platform meets the needs of all types of riders, conservative or aggressive.

The biggest problem with CycleBoarding – You’ll never want to stop!

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CycleBoard’s 3-wheel, lean to steer platform means nearly anyone, regardless of their background or ability level can step on and cruise with little to no learning curve. Riding a CycleBoard is like being on an amusement park ride, you’re always smiling and you never want to get off.

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Our high torque 450W silent electric hub motor and smooth brakes let you effortlessly hit 20 mph and easily slow to a controlled stop. With enough power to climb up to 20 degree inclines and an integrated lock option, you get the ultimate cruising machine.

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CycleBoard’s Intelligent throttle provides advanced controls like programmable speed limits, 5 speed modes and an ergonomic trigger finger throttle.  With our backlit LCD screen, you’re always aware of your speed, remaining battery life, odometer and speed mode.  It even has a USB charging port to charge your phone on the go.

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Take your CycleBoard with you wherever you go. With a collapsible handle and a footprint much smaller than a bike, the CycleBoard easily integrates into your everyday lifestyle.


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Performance 100% Electric

Top Speed 20 MPH
Steering Lean-To-Steer
Range Up to 25 miles
Max Rider Weight 250 lbs
Incline 20 degrees +
Portable Folding Handle
Charge Time 2 – 4.5 Hours
Max handlebar height 40 - 44 inches


  • What areas are appropriate for riding?

    Bike lanes, sidewalks, trails and some streets are all great places to go CycleBoarding. (We recommended you check your local laws for any specific riding restrictions)

  • Can I ride my CycleBoard without power?

    Yes, the CycleBoard free wheels very well so it’s no problem if you run out of battery or just want exercise.

  • What kind of battery do you use?

    The CycleBoard uses a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery pack built exclusively with LG cells, very similar to those used in Tesla. We have taken great care to ensure our battery packs are built to the highest standards of safety and performance.

  • What countries do you ship to?

    The CycleBoard can be shipped to most countries. If you don’t see your country listed on our checkout page, please email us at for a shipping quote to your specific country.

  • How do I secure my CycleBoard?

    With our integrated lock option, you can lock up your CycleBoard to a bike rack or other fixed object.

  • Do you need a license to ride the CycleBoard?

    In most cases you do not need a license. However, we encourage you to review your local rules and laws as each country, state and city has its own requirements. We strongly advise the use of safety equipment like helmets.

  • Where is the CycleBoard made?

    CycleBoard products are designed by our engineering team in Orange County, California.

  • What is your Warranty and Return Policy?

    CycleBoard offers a 1 year manufacturers warranty and 30 day return policy. Please see full details on our warranty and returns page.



Experience the CycleBoard through our interactive 3D tour and explore its revolutionary design and features.