Cycleboard Rover | All-terrain 3 wheeled Electric Vehicle
CycleBoard | 3 Wheeled Lean to Steer Electric Scooter
3 Wheeled Mixed-Terrain Electric Scooter  Rover Burnt Orange

Cycleboard Rover | All-terrain Electric Vehicle

Built for the Road or Trail

Built to withstand the rigors of daily use in mixed terrain environments.

CycleBoard - 5 Star Reviews


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Power & Performance

Perfect for your daily commute, after work trail ride, quick errands & so much more. The CycleBoard Rover combines superior steering control with power and durability for the ultimate stand up riding experience. Designed with full suspension and pneumatic tires, the Rover offers a soft and smooth ride that’s perfectly suited for all types of riders, conservative or aggressive.

  • "Love it! Any age or ability with enough practice can master a cycle board safely. I’m 52 this is my second board."

    CycleBoard - 5 Star Reviews
  • "Rode my Rover for the first time today and it is worth every penny. Easy to ride and more powerful than I expected."

    CycleBoard - 5 Star Reviews
  • "I'm 6'4, 250lbs & the rover can cart me at speeds up to 25+ MPH. East to ride and more powerful that I had imagined."

    CycleBoard - 5 Star Reviews
  • "Rode my Rover for the first time today and it is worth every penny. Easy to ride and more powerful than I expected."

    CycleBoard - 5 Star Reviews
  • "The ultimate All terrain 3 wheels electric scooter for adults, it makes me feel 20 again!"

    CycleBoard - 5 Star Reviews

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fast top speed 3 wheel scooter

Whats the Top Speed?

Up to 27 miles per hour

3 wheeled electric vehicle with long range - 40 miles per charge

Whats the range?

Up to 40 miles per charge

Hit 30% inclines with the worlds most versatile 3 wheeled electric vehicle - CycleBoard Rover

Hows the hill climbing?

Hit inclines up to 30%*

3 wheeled electric scooter with a powerful 60V 1800W brushless hub motor

How powerful is the motor?

60V 1800W

Size Guide

One size fits all

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Real riders, real size comparisons. Choose your rider to compare sizing.

3-wheeled long range electric scooter for man

Designed for utility, function, & stability

Father and Daughter riding together on 3 wheel electric scooter built for safety and fun

Made to Ride Together

Built to share - with a large 10” x 26” riding deck and low center of gravity, you’ll enjoy balanced & stable rides when riding solo or together. Master the pickup & drop off lines, be the envy of the neighborhood, & get there in style!

mother and son riding to park together in safe 3 wheel electric scooter

Pack it up & Go

Max out your CycleBoard, with an impressive payload capacity, the Rover can handle multiple riders, bulky items, trailer attachments, baskets & more. With our exclusive lineup of accessories, you can personalize your ride for any adventure, from grocery runs to camping trips, to beach days — and everything in between.

Conquer Hills with ease

Power through everything with the ultimate All-Terrain 3 wheeled electric scooter. Hit different terrains & take on steep inclines with ease. Mighty & Silent, the rear hub motor provides Superior torque & can climb hills as steep as 30% – even at slower speeds.

Man climbing hills on the best electric scooter built for adults


Customized for any adventure

Explore Features in Detail

Dive Deeper

Details & Features

  • Rear Suspension of 3 wheel electric scooter - CycleBoard Rover

    Full Suspension System

    Each CycleBoard Rover comes equipped with full suspension in the front & rear that ensures a smooth and comfortable ride on any terrain.

  • Dual braking system of all-terrain 3 wheeled electric scooter

    Dual Braking System

    Electronic + Hydraulic braking system slows the motor as you begin to pull the hand brake lever & provides additional stopping power as you continue to pull the lever & engage the hydraulic brake caliper & disc, similar to high end bicycles.

  • Mixed-Terrain 3 Wheeled Electric Scooter Tires

    Custom All-Terrain Tires

    The CycleBoard Rover uses large 10” x 3” custom pneumatic All-Terrain tires that provide a softer ride as well as superior grip and traction on mixed terrain.

Power and Performance

  • Rear brushless hub motor - 3 wheel electric scooter

    Powerful Motor

    The CycleBoard Rover is equipped with a near silent 60v 1800w direct-drive brushless hub motor to provide significant torque for hill climbing & rapid acceleration. Ride up to speeds of 27MPH.

  • 1152wh Battery for 3 wheeled stand up electric scooter

    Long Range Battery

    Eliminate range anxiety with our 96 60V 20ah Lithium-Ion Cell batteries that have an output of 1200Wh of energy. Our batteries are designed & built using genuine LG & Samsung Lithium-Ion cells. Ride up to 40 miles on a single charge.

  • 5 speed LCD display electronics of lean to steer electric scooter

    5 Speed Mode Control

    CycleBoard allows you to choose the best configuration for your riding style & environment. With variable top speeds in each mode, the rider has complete control to match their skill level & riding experience.

Engineered with Purpose

Each piece of the CycleBoard has been carefully thought out and engineered with safety & stability in mind.

CycleBoard Patented steering and 3 wheeled design make it easy for any adult to learn

Patented Steering Design

The Cornerstone of every CycleBoard we build is our patented linkage system that amplifies the degree of wheel turn to match the gentle lean of the rider. Self-centering suspension supports the rider into the turns creating unprecedented control and stability.
Lean into your turns on the best, most stable 3 wheeled electric vehicle on the market

Lean to Steer

The self-centering suspension helps bring the rider back to center after every lean. No matter your skill level or experience, nearly anyone can step on a CycleBoard & learn to ride in a few minutes.

Service, reliability, & support with every Cycleboard

Get 30 days to return your learn to steer CycleBoard, click to learn more

30 Day Returns

30 Day returns on all CycleBoard products.

Ride with confidence knowing we have your CycleBoard 3 wheeled electric scooter covered

12 Month Warranty

Ride with confidence knowing we got your back.

Need help? Contact us if you have any questions about our 3 wheeled lean to steer design

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CycleBoard Rover is the All-terrain machine you have been looking for. The best three wheel electric stand up scooter on the market.