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— Cycleboard Editorial Team

Can Electric Scooters Go On Grass?

We've all been there before. You're headed to the office or to grab a quick bite to eat, and you see a shortcut across a field. But before you venture across the grassy surface, you have to consider whether or not your electric scooter can go on grass.

While some electric scooters can traverse any type of terrain, others are limited to just the pavement. How can you tell the difference, though? And even if your scooter is rated "all-terrain", is it truly safe for you to cross the grass? And will you risk tearing up someone's lawn in the process?

Today, we'll help you gain an understanding of your electric scooter's capabilities. We'll also explain a few other things you need to know before trying to ride across grassy areas. Let's start by talking about the wheels on your electric scooter.


What Is Your Electric Scooter Capable Of?

As you can probably imagine, not all electric scooters are created equal. The best electric scooter will have no issue going on grass, while some scooters are entirely limited to paved roads. The two factors at play here are your tires and power. We'll begin by discussing off-road rubber tries vs standard street tires.

Off-Road Terrain Tires vs Street Tires

The biggest determining factor in whether your electric scooter can go on grass is the tires you have. If you have standard street tires, you'll struggle to get through the grass efficiently without wobbling back and forth. In some instances, you may even get stuck. And trust us - there is nothing more embarrassing than attempting to embark across rough terrain only to be forced off your scooter and have to walk it the rest of the way!

On the other hand, some electric scooters feature large, all-terrain pneumatic tires. These air-filled tires are much larger than what you might see on some lower-end electric scooters. As such, these types of electric scooters may have no issue crossing grassy areas.

But, there is another aspect of your triers we haven't even mentioned yet. How many wheels does your scooter have? You may only have been exposed to scooters with two wheels - the traditional style. But these days, three-wheeled electric scooters are quickly making waves as the premier choice. With an extra wheel (usually located in the rear of the scooter), stability and traction are enhanced. This unlocks even greater all-terrain capabilities.

If you're ever in doubt as to whether your electric scooter's wheels are rated for off-road use, just take a look at the manufacturer's website. This type of feature is highly sought after, and as such, scooter manufacturers will boast this capability proudly! 

How Much Power Does Your Electric Scooter Have?

Large rubber tires make going off-road and into the grass easy. But that isn't the only factor at play. The power of your scooter matters, too.

If you've tried riding a bike or scooter across the grass before, then you are familiar with how tough it is. If you're pedaling/pushing the vehicle yourself, it's next to impossible. The uneven, soft surface will slow you down greatly while sacrificing stability. The denser and thicker the grass, the more friction and resistance your scooter faces.

That's why electric scooters with ample power are really the only type capable of going across the grass. As a general recommendation, your electric scooter should have at least a 1,000-watt battery. Any less and you'll find that efficiency is lost, along with stability.

If your scooter doesn't have enough oomph behind it, you'll find yourself hopping off the scooter and walking it across the grass shortly after entering.

Suspension Matters, Too

While you may not have considered your electric scooter's suspension when contemplating crossing some grass, it does matter more than you think. Here's why:

Grassy surfaces are generally uneven. A stiffer scooter with minimal suspension or shock absorbers will be fine for smooth pavement riding, but for uneven surfaces - you need more responsive suspension. This will allow for a smooth ride across the grass.

But, it also helps protect your scooter from wear and tear. If you were to take an electric scooter with NO suspension across uneven terrain, you'll quickly feel and hear how detrimental it can be to your scooter's build.

Other Factors To Consider Before Taking Your Electric Scooter On Grass

Now that you know everything you need to know about whether your scooter is actually capable of going on grass, there are a few final things to cover. The most important is - are you allowed to go on the grass with electric scooters?

Legality Of Taking Electric Scooters On Grass

You need to carefully consider whose grass you're attempting to traverse before you do so. Maybe you're asking if electric scooters can go on grass because you want to cut through someone's property on your way to work. In this case, no - you cannot take your electric scooter on the grass.

The scooter won't destroy the grass if you ride smoothly and easily. However, if you're making quick turns and fast acceleration, you could damage the grass. This is not something you'd want to have done to your grass. You can imagine how someone else would feel looking out their window and seeing you taking a joy ride across their yard.

Similarly, if you're in a park with signs that say "keep scooters/bikes off the grass" - don't enter. Just use your best judgment. If you feel that you probably shouldn't ride your electric scooter on the grass, you're probably right. Just because your electric scooter can go on tall grass, doesn't mean you necessarily should!

So, My Electric Scooter Can’t Go On Grass, Now what?

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