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Give your friends the gift of $100 off their Cycleboard and save $100 for yourself when they use your referral code at checkout.

You Get $100, They Get $100 OFF

When a friend purchases a CycleBoard, they will get $100 off their purchase, and you’ll receive $100 via Paypal.

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In just a few simple steps, you can be on your way to earning some major rewards! Anyone can join and refer regardless if you have a CycleBoard or not.  Just sign up, refer, and start earning. Its that easy.


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Reset or forgot my dashboard password.

To reset the password for your Rewards Page (where you track your rewards), please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the email address that you previously used to register for the referral program in the field provided
  3. Click the "Login to Referral Portal" button
  4. Click the "Track your rewards" link on the top right*
  5. Click the "Forgot password?" link next to the "Login" button
  6. Enter the email address that you used in step 2
  7. An email will be sent to you with instructions on how to reset your password

*Note: If you do not see the "Forgot password?" link in step 5 and see a "Create new account" button instead, this is because you have entered an email address that has not been registered with CycleBoard's referral program. Please go back to step 1 and enter the correct email address that was previously registered. Alternatively, you can register and create a new account by using a new email address.

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How do I view my earned Referral Rewards?

To view your earned Referral Rewards, you will need to login to your Rewards Portal which you can do by following the steps below:

  1. Head back to
  2. Enter the email address that you previously used to register for our referral program in the field provided (e.g. the email address you used to make a purchase from this store) and click on 'Login to your Referral Portal'
  3. Click on 'Track Your Rewards' on the top right corner of the screen.
  4. Login to your rewards dashboard or set your password if this is your first time signing in.

Here you can view your pending referrals, the rewards you have earned, and what paypal account your rewards will be sent.

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I never received my $100 from my referral.

There are a couple of potential reasons why you may have not yet received your referral reward even though the friend you referred has made a purchase at the store.

1. Your friend did not click your referral link before making a purchase.

- If your referral link is not clicked, no referral will be attributed to you.

2. Your friend clicked someone else's referral link before clicking your referral link to make a purchase.

-The referral is attributed to the 1st referral link clicked before a purchase is made.

3. Your friend completed the purchase using a different device and browser from the one used to click your referral link.

-Referral tracking is cookie-based and is dependent on the friend completing the purchase in the same browser and device that was also used to click the referral link.

4. Your friend's purchase is below the minimum amount required to be considered for a reward.

-The minimum spending amount for reward eligibility is $1200. This means that only referral purchases of a CycleBoard will be rewarded with the $100. All other purchases do not qualify for the referral reward. This also means that accessory products purchased using the advocated code will not give any discount, as the minimum spending amount will be less than $1200, which would not qualify for the $100 off purchase.

5. The referral is still being reviewed.

- When a friend purchases using your link or code, you will receive an reward pending email, letting you know that they used your link to make the purchase. This is a automatic email that goes out, you will receive this email on all purchases that use your link regardless if it meets the requirements for the reward. This is just a notification letting you know that someone used your link and or code. But this does not guarantee that the referral will meet the requirements for validation. After the purchase has been reviewed and verified, you will receive another email stating that your referral has met validation and your rewards are being sent.

Referral rewards will be emailed to qualifying Advocates shortly after the Friend's order has been fulfilled / received and the referral is verified as legitimate by our team. The verification time is quick, but the processing time for orders and fulfillment can very depending on transit times.

If you believe that you are owed a referral bonus, please email out support team and we will look into the issue asap.


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Can the referral codes be stacked with other discount codes / sales promotions?

No, discount codes / sales promotions cannot be combined on a single order. The promotions section in checkout will only allow you to apply one discount code to a single order.

Referral Program Terms

Advocate: someone who shares a referral link encouraging people to purchase a CycleBoard.

Friend: an individual who receives a referral link from an Advocate.
All referrals must be given at time of purchase. Referrals cannot be applied retroactively.

For an Advocate to qualify, they must:

Be in good standing with CycleBoard, inc. This means that acts such as issuing a chargeback, being disrespectful, or any other behavior that would go against our Terms of Purchase will disqualify you.

Referral rewards are emailed to qualifying Advocates shortly after the Friend's order has been fulfilled and the referral is verified as legitimate.

Advocates will receive one referral reward per qualifying order. Referral rewards are not awarded based on the total number of CycleBoards in a single order. (Ex. if a Friend places one order containing two CycleBoards, the Advocate will receive one referral reward for the purchase).

For a Friend to qualify for a referral discount on their order, they must:

Be a new customer, existing CycleBoard owners do not qualify.
Purchase a CycleBoard either i) online at using the Advocate's referral link, ii) over the phone with a CycleBoard Customer Support team member, or iii) in-store at the CycleBoard Costa Mesa showroom.

Referral links and codes cannot be used with any other active promotion, coupon code, or discount.

For phone orders, the Friend must provide the full name, email address, and original order number of the Advocate. This allow us to properly identify the Advocate in our customer database. If we are unable to definitively identify the Advocate in our customer database, the referral cannot be processed.

CycleBoard encourages all of our owners to share their experience with their friends, but in order to promote a healthy and positive community experience for all of our customers, we reserve the right to revoke the ability to participate in our Referral program at any time. Abuse, misuse, or any other negative behavior we see will result in disqualification.

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