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The Third Wheel



— Cycleboard Editorial Team

ShredLight SL-FX Now Available in the shop!

The time has come, the new ShredLight SL-FX under glow LEDs is finally here!

Customize your ride and add an amazing under glow to your board in seconds! With 8 color options to choose from and 3 light modes, the SL-FX is the easiest and quickest way to add some flare to your CycleBoard.


ShredLights Video Series

Have questions about the SL-FX? No problem - Learn more about the quick and easy install and even compared to other LED lights on the market.

Make your CycleBoard glow, with the all-new ShredLights SL-FX. Now Shipping!

See How It Compares

See how the SL-FX  compares to other popular options for under-glow lights shown on the electric skateboard as an example. See why this light option is hard to beat.

Unboxing & Installation

See what's included in the SL-FX box and an example of how to install the light under an electric skateboard.

Built Tough

The bottom of a CycleBoard is a seriously dirty place. Luckily, these babies were made for it. IPX7 waterproof means you can ride through anything and rinse it off after.


Built Tough

The ultra-compact design features 14 LEDs facing in every direction for maximum light output. Shine on, shredder.

Weight: 42 grams

Size: 84 x 23 x 30 mm


We are happy to announce that CycleBoard will now also carry a few other ShredLights! We are in the process of adding a few options to our store so you can customize and have more visibility while riding at night.

Get yours today before they are all gone!