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In a world full of fake reviews, paid endorsements, and ads, we strive to make the CycleBoard experience more authentic. That’s why CycleBoard is partnering with Experify to bring you exactly that. We take pride in our products and want to let our boards and customers speak for themselves.

Become a CycleBoard Local
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Secure Messaging

Safe & secure messaging directly through your email, Experify App, or on the Experify website.

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Verified Users

Users are verified and checked before they can chat with you, no spam or random messages.

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Rewards Portal

Check messages, pending rewards, and redeem points all in your personal dashboard.

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No Obligation

Choose to accept or reject a connection request. Your never obligated to answer unless you want to.

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How it Works

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How it Works

Register and Create a profile

Signing up is a quick and simple process that will only take you about 5 min to complete. Just answer some simple quick questions about what board you have, what your thoughts are,  when your available, and a few pictures from your adventures.

Become a CycleBoard Local

Get added to the CycleBoard Locals Map

Once completed, your profile will be shown on the CycleBoard Locals Map. As a Local, you will share your CycleBoard experiences with interested people, answer questions people may have about owning a CycleBoard,  and even give them the chance to try the CycleBoard for themselves.

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Accept or Decline incoming requests

Accept or reject incoming requests

You will be contacted by both your email and through your Experify account. You can choose to accept or reject a connection request. You are never obligated to answer unless you won’t too.

Each time you communicate with another potential customer, you will be rewarded with points that you can use to redeem for CycleBoard accessories, merch, & more!

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Message, Chat, & Earn Rewards

For each chat, call or meeting you have, you’ll receive points that you can redeem for CycleBoard products.  We frequently add new rewards so it’s worth checking in regularly.

Get 15 Points for messages

When interested people reach out via the messenger, you will receive +15 points.

Get 25 Points for Video Calls

For every virtual video call you do with a potential CycleBoard owner, you will receive +25 points.

Get 50 Points for in person meets and test drives

Receive +50 points when you set up test drives & meet in person.

Sks Water Bottle Cage for 50 points
CycleBoard Just Ride Shirt
CycleBoard 3L Storage handle bar bag
Line-x Replacement Deck
Matte Black Cargo Basket

We’d love to invite you to join & become a Cycleboard Local Today!

Creating your profile takes only a few minutes. Simply click the button below to create your product profile. If you get stuck or have questions, simply reach out to our Locals onboarding team.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Covid-19: Meeting people

We want to be a place for connection and exchange also during this time, but it’s important to stress that health and safety go first. Therefore we ask you and people contacting you to adhere to the most up-to-date recommendations and instructions from their local public health authority and the World Health Organization.

It’s up to you and the person wanting to experience your product to decide whether you want to meet in real life, or not. We simply ask you to openly discuss the topic when you get contacted. If safety measures cannot be met or if you do not want to meet in real life, you can still meet online and use the the video chat feature to connect and interact.

Learn more

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What does it mean to be a local?

As a Local, you agree to show your product and share your  experience with people interested in learning more about the products.

You are not a salesperson, and do not have to be positive if you feel it is not justified.

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So I'm a brand ambassador / influencer?

No, you’re not. Ambassadors and influencers are paid to advertise brands and products, and promote sales.

As a Local, you give people the possibility to experience the product in its natural habitat, and let people ask an owner - you - their thoughts about the product and service.

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How often do I need to show my product(s)?

There is no requirement to show anyone your product, if you decide you don’t want to.

Every time someone would like to contact you, you’ll receive a notification. You decide whether to accept or reject the request.

Of course, the more people you meet, the more brand points you’ll accrue.

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I'm concerned about sharing my personal info...

No contact information will be shared with other people. Rather, all communication runs through our messaging system that guarantees privacy.

The only publicly shared information of your profile is your first name, information about the product you own, and your rough location.

You can of course always choose to share your personal information yourself.

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What if my product gets damaged?

People connected to you via Experify are verified users and have confirmed that they have insurance to cover any damages (Privathaftpflichtversicherung) and accept liability for any damages.

That being said: as a Local, you decide to which extent you want to let someone test the product. If you leave someone test the product on their own (e.g. taking a bike for a quick spin), we recommend to ask for their ID and to hand it back once they return the product.

Please contact for more information.

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