Cycleboard Golf | Your Personal 3 wheeled Electric Golf Vehicle
CycleBoard | 3 Wheeled Lean to Steer Electric Scooter
CycleBoard Golf  Your Personal Electric Golf Vehicle

CycleBoard Golf | Your Personal Golf Vehicle

A New Way to Play

Enjoy 2 sports in one & cut your playing time in half.

CycleBoard - 5 Star Reviews


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Remarkably Fun & Turf Friendly

Designed & engineered to significantly increase your pace of play. Go direct to your own ball and boost excitement at your course with the turf friendly CycleBoard Golf. Play the game like never before & in half the time.

  • “I love my CycleBoard!! Would highly recommend!! For riding around in the neighborhood, or golfing! It is a blast.”

    CycleBoard - 5 Star Reviews
  • "Most fun playing golf. Always playing from a cart but in summer months just too hot to walk. This is much better than a cart."

    CycleBoard - 5 Star Reviews
  • "We added the golf cart attachment and everyone loves it. Played 18 holes in two hours."

    CycleBoard - 5 Star Reviews
  • "It’s my favorite toy. My favorite activity on it is golfing. Just buy one!!"

    CycleBoard - 5 Star Reviews
  • "It's the premier All-Terrain 3 wheels electric golf scooter on the market, nothing else even comes close to the ride or the fun!"

    CycleBoard - 5 Star Reviews

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fast top speed 3 wheel scooter

Whats the Top Speed?

Up to 13 miles per hour

3 wheeled electric vehicle with long range - 40 miles per charge

Whats the range?

Up to 40 miles per charge

Hit 30% inclines with the worlds most versatile 3 wheeled electric vehicle - CycleBoard Rover

Hows the hill climbing?

Hit inclines up to 35%*

3 wheeled electric scooter with a powerful 60V 1800W brushless hub motor

How powerful is the motor?

60V 1200W

Size Guide

One size fits all

A picture's worth a 1000 words.

Real riders, real size comparisons. Choose your rider to compare sizing.

3-wheeled course friendly electric scooter for man

Designed for optimal stability & function.

Two men riding on beautiful green golf course, Monarch Beach

Easy to Learn - Fun to Ride

Remarkably fun & safe, the CycleBoard Golf was designed to give everyone the accessibility to ride. In just a few minutes, anyone can be riding like a pro. With a large 10” wide riding deck, you’ll enjoy balanced & stable rides on & off the course.

Fold down and pack up your 3 wheel electric golf scooter in a breeze.

Fold it down, Pack it up, & Go

Every CycleBoard model has a quick folding handle for easy transport & storage. Easily throw your clubs & board in your car in just a few easy steps.

Smooth Riding & Hill Climbing

Powered by a high torque geared hub motor & an 1152-watt hour extended range battery, the CycleBoard Golf's All-Terrain 3 wheeled platform make it easily & stable while climbing steep inclines. All while providing a soft ride through turf & mixed-terrain.

The CycleBoard electric three wheeled vehicle crushes hills and rides smooth on the course


Customized for any adventure

Explore Features in Detail

Dive Deeper

Details & Features

  • Rear Suspension of 3 wheel electric scooter - CycleBoard golf

    Full Suspension System

    Each CycleBoard Golf comes with full suspension in the front & rear. Front suspension springs as well as dual compression springs concealed inside the swing arm ensure a smooth & comfortable ride on any course.

  • Braking system of all-terrain 3 wheeled electric scooter

    Hydraulic Braking System

    Hydraulic braking system provides additional stopping power as you continue to pull the lever & engage the hydraulic brake disc.

  • Mixed-Terrain 3 Wheeled Electric Scooter Tires

    Custom Mixed-Terrain Tires

    The CycleBoard Golf uses large 10” x 3” custom pneumatic mixed-terrain tires. Designed for the golf course, this tire provides comfort & grip on & off the course.

Power and Performance

  • Rear geared hub motor - 3 wheel electric scooter

    Low Speed High Torque Motor

    The CycleBoard Golf uses a 60v 1200w geared hub motor with a 4:1 gear reduction. Custom designed for low speed/high torque output. This board excels in grassy and mixed-terrain environments. Ride up to speeds of 13MPH.

  • 1152wh Battery for 3 wheeled stand up electric scooter

    Long Range Battery

    Eliminate range anxiety with our 96 60V 20ah Lithium-Ion Cell batteries that have an output of 1200Wh of energy. Our batteries are designed & built using genuine LG & Samsung Lithium-Ion cells. Ride up to 40 miles on a single charge.

  • 3 speed LCD display electronics of lean to steer electric scooter

    3 Speed Modes, 0 Start, & Reverse

    Easily accelerate from a zero start through grass & uphill. Choose from 1 - 3 speed modes on the handlebar display including a 0-speed mode for reverse to manage your riding environment.

Engineered with Purpose.

Each component of the CycleBoard Golf has been thought out and designed to be turf friendly

The CycleBoard Golf | gentle on turf, designed for the course

Gentle on Turf

Every golfer loves playing in pristine course conditions. CycleBoard Golf delivers 65% less turf impact when compared to traditional golf carts & encourages different riding patterns to minimize tracks.
Designed for the course, this three wheeled electric scooter will cut your playing time in half.

Size & Weight

This means less maintenance on your favorite golf courses & better playing conditions.

Service, reliability, & support with every Cycleboard

Get 30 days to return your learn to steer CycleBoard, click to learn more

30 Day Returns

30 Day returns on all CycleBoard products.

Ride with confidence knowing we have your CycleBoard 3 wheeled electric scooter covered

12 Month Warranty

Ride with confidence knowing we got your back.

Need help? Contact us if you have any questions about our 3 wheeled lean to steer design

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CycleBoard golf is the turf friendly personal vehicle you have been looking for. The best three wheel electric stand up scooter for golf on the market.