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Tips for the best Battery Life & Range

‍The battery is one of the most important components of your CycleBoard. Learn about battery care, specs, tips & tricks.

Battery Care, Specs, Tips & Tricks

To ensure your battery lasts for many years with great performance, you’ll want to make sure you are caring for it properly. By following a few simple routines you can keep your battery in tip top condition and always be ready to ride. Click to learn more about battery care or continue reading below to learn about maintaining a healthy battery.

The CycleBoard Battery Packs are designed and built using genuine LG MH1 and Samsung 35E cells, which are some of the most energy-dense and reliable lithium-ion battery cells on the market.

Note:  Charger voltage can be located on the back of the charging unit.

ALWAYS ensure the correct charger is used on the correct CycleBoard model. The Elite Pro utilizes a 48V battery which requires a charger with a max output of 54.6V. The Rover / Golf utilizes a 60V battery which requires a charger with a max output of 67.2V.

One of the keys to battery longevity is to top it off after every ride. You don’t want to intentionally drain the battery to zero before Re-charging.

Pro Tip: Another good tip for optimal battery care is to allow your battery to rest for 15 minutes after charging before riding and wait for 15 min after riding before plugging it back into your charger.

Your charger has a built in LED to indicate the two charging modes. The light will turn red when the board is accepting charge & will turn green when fully charged.

Pro Tip: Although your battery and controller have built in protection systems to prevent over charging, it’s best to unplug your charger shortly after the light turns green.

Range and battery life will be affected by factors like rider weight, hills, speed, tire pressure, wind resistance, etc.  Establishing a baseline for the range you should expect will help you get the most out of your CycleBoard based on your particular riding conditions and style.

Pro Tip: Tires with a lower PSI increase ride softness but decrease range while tires with a higher PSI reduce ride softness but increase range.

When you’re not using your CycleBoard, you need to consider how you’re going to store it. Lithium-ion batteries need to be stored in locations without drastic temperatures e.g., somewhere that isn’t too hot or too cold. CycleBoard batteries are designed for optimal operation in temperatures below 130F and above 30F. Consider how temperature changes where you regularly store your CycleBoard. It’s also important to make sure your battery has some charge before you store it away. Continue the upkeep by charging your battery once a month during non-use periods. This will ensure your battery cells are not depleting or losing charge overtime. Storing a completely dead battery or lack of maintenance could cause long term negative effects.

Following these tips will keep your battery in optimal condition. Don't forget, how you use your CycleBoard will affect the condition of your battery as well. To maintain a high-quality battery, you need to make sure you're engaging in these maintenance tips and practicing good battery care when storing your CycleBoard.

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