The Third Wheel

Mark's Story: 2 Years & 46 States Later

See how Semi-truck driver Mark M. took back his freedom with the CycleBoard Rover.

Allow us to introduce Mark M., a veteran CycleBoard owner, truck driver and adventurer. Traveling across the country in his big rig for many years, Mark has had the opportunity to see much of what the US has to offer. But Mark’s movements beyond his truck were limited and he was looking for a new and exciting way to move and adventure at the local stops along his route. Mark tirelessly searched through different options, from e-bikes to two wheeled electric scooters but nothing seemed to address his needs for portability, stability, and of course, fun. A friend recommended the CycleBoard Rover and he hasn’t looked back since!

With a top speed of 27mph, a 40-mile range battery and full suspension, the CycleBoard was the all-terrain answer to Mark’s problems. The CycleBoard’s three-wheel, lean to steer platform provides a stable and intuitive mid-range vehicle that Mark leverages to run errands, sightsee and generally enjoy each of his stops from a new vantage point.

Learn more by watching Mark’s Story below and see how you can add a new dimension to your life with the exciting CycleBoard.

From Mossy Forests in the PNW to the Beaches in FL

Mark has touched ground with his CycleBoard in 46 out of the 50 states so far and continues to ride his CycleBoard daily.  Mark uses his CycleBoard Rover along with a trailer attachment to bring all the necessary gear for his off the grid and off-road adventures. Whether he is exploring the forests of the Pacific Northwest, or riding on the beaches in Florida, Mark always finds a new place to explore on his CycleBoard Rover.

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