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Troubleshooting & Parts

Adjustments, noises, error codes, power issues, maintenance tips, and general product support.

Brake Bleeding

Bleeding the brakes removes air from the braking system and restores a firm brake handle.


Brake Sensor Adjustment

All Models - The brake sensor performs the function of cutting power to the motor when the brake handle lever is pulled.


Brake Caliper Adjustment

A ticking noise coming from the rear of the board is an indication that the caliper is out of alignment and needs to be adjusted.


Parking Brake (Hydraulic)

How to use your parking break for your new CycleBoard. This is useful to have when you are parked at an angle or uphill.


Brake Handle Replacement (Hydraulic)

‍It is recommended to only replace the brake handle if the handle has been damaged from a crash.


Brake Pad Replacement

Brake material will wear out over time as the mechanical brakes are used which will require replacement.


Tire Identification

This guide provides information about the identification of the tires of any CycleBoard model.

Wheels & Tires

Front Tire/Tube Replacement (10" x 3")

Perform an alignment after the first front tire replacement by following the steps outlined in the Front Wheel Alignment.

Wheels & Tires

Front Wheel Replacement (8.5" x 2.25")

The 8.5” x 2.25” Front Wheel is sold fully assembled and will need to be replaced when the tread wears out or doesn't inflate.

Wheels & Tires

Front Wheel Alignment

The alignment process brings the front wheels into parallel when the handle post is vertical.

Wheels & Tires

Rear Tire/Tube Replacement (10" x 3.5")

Rover GEN2/Golf. Rear Tire & Inner Tube replacement for Rover GEN2 and Golf models 10" x 3.5"

Wheels & Tires

Rear Tire/Tube Replacement (10" x 4")

First Gen Rear Tire Removal Guide for Rover G1. Please Refer to the Rear Wheel Removal Guide to fully remove the rear wheel

Wheels & Tires

LCD Display Features and Operation

Guide about the display features and display related operations of all CycleBoard models.

LCD Display

LCD Display Error Codes

‍Introduction to error codes of all models of CycleBoard and some fixes to it.

LCD Display

LCD Display Replacement

The LCD Display is designed to be easily replaced by the user in the unlikely event that it gets damaged.

LCD Display

Throttle Replacement – Elite Pro/Rover G1

Throttle replacement guide for Rover and Elite Pro models delivered in 2019 with the thumb throttle separate from the display.

LCD Display

Battery Overview (Elite)

A comprehensive guide of the 48v 9.ah (blue) battery used in the Elite model.


Battery Overview (Elite Pro/Rover/Golf)

A comprehensive guide of the aluminum case batteries used in the Elite Pro, Rover and Golf models.‍


Charging Port Replacement (Elite)

Charging Port Replacement, care, and Guide for the CycleBoard (Elite Model)


Charging Port Cover Replacement (Elite Pro/Rover/Golf)

How to replacing the charging Port Cover for Elite Pro/Rover/Golf.


Battery Care, Use & Specs

CycleBoard uses advanced Lithium-Ion batteries made with LG cells. Only dispose of Lithium-Ion batteries according to your local laws.


Motor And/Or Brake Disk Replacement

Motor or brake disk replacement guide for all current models of CycleBoard.


Connectors Overview

Comprehensive Guide of all connectors used on CycleBoard models.

General Maintenance & Use

Folding Handle Overview

A basic overview of the operation of the folding handle on all CycleBoard Models.

General Maintenance & Use

Opening the Deck (Hinging)

All Cycleboard models (except the Sport) come standard with a hinging deck design to allow easy access

General Maintenance & Use

Opening the Deck (Non-Hinging)

Guide for opening the deck of older Sport and Elite models with 8 screw heads visible on the standing surface of the deck.

General Maintenance & Use

Front Suspension Squeaking

Squeaking while riding is usually from the suspension components and is normal with normal use. Squeaking can be reduced

General Maintenance & Use

Steering Speed/Wobble

What to do if you experience speed wobbles, how to stand and how you can reduce the wobble.

General Maintenance & Use

Steering, Braking and Foot Position

Getting started with basic steering, braking, and foot positions for your CycleBoard.

General Maintenance & Use

Steering Springs Adjustment

‍The steering springs perform the function of centering the board during steering.

General Maintenance & Use

Grip Tape Overview

All CycleBoard models include a non-slip grip tape surface on the top side of the riding deck.

General Maintenance & Use

Hand Grips

Guide for installing, removing or adjusting the Hand Grips on all CycleBoard models.

General Maintenance & Use

Removing / Replacing your Old Front Springs

How to remove and replace your old front spings

General Maintenance & Use

Removing the CycleBoard Elite Pro Controller

How to remove a old or defective Elite Pro controller unit.

General Maintenance & Use



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