Steering, Braking and Foot Position

Getting started with basic steering, braking, and foot positions.



1. Grip both handgrips.

2. Stand with one foot on the deck and one foot on the ground.

Safety Tip:

Always Wear a Helmet


3. Check brake lever for positive braking action.

4. Press the power button on the throttle/display.

Safety Tip:

Start in speed mode 1


5. Push off on the ground with one foot while pressing the throttle to accelerate.


Steering your CycleBoard is achieved by shifting your body weight from side to side. Try out these different riding styles to find what suits you best.


Ride Snowboard Style with one foot forward and one foot back, shift your weight from heel to toe.


Regular riders will have their left foot forward and goofy foot riders will have their right foot forward.


Ride Ski Style with both feet side by side, drop your hip and push the handlebars to the side you are steering towards.


Ride Tail Style with one foot forward in the center of the deck and one foot on the tail - this style centers your weight for quick direction changes.

Safety Tip:

This is an advanced riding style for experienced riders.



Pull hand brake lever toward the handgrip when you need to slow down or stop.

Safety Tip:

When braking at higher speeds, lean back so that your weight is over the back wheel to decrease your stopping distance.

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