Safety Tips

Safety First!  CycleBoard's remarkably stable 3-wheel learn-to-steer system significantly reduces the fall risk typically associated with stand-up riding. Whether you're a pro or it's your first time, follow the guide below and always keep safety first.


Always wear an ASTM and CPSC certified helmet when riding. Make sure that chin strap is attached before your ride and follow the helmet manufactures instructions for proper user and fit.


Make sure to always wear shoes that have good traction on the board.


Squeeze the hand brake lever to ensure there is positive braking action before starting your ride.  If you are parking on an incline, make sure to set your parking brake so your board won't roll on it's on own.


Make sure you are standing on your board with your hands on the handgrips before engaging the throttle and keep hands on handgrips when riding.

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