Rear Tire/Tube Replacement (10" x 4")

First Gen Rear Tire Removal Guide for Rover G1. Please Refer to the Rear Wheel Removal Guide to fully remove the rear wheel before working on the tire. It is recommended to have a bike or tire shop perform the work.

Required Equipment

  • Steel Tire Spoons (a longer handle will help)
  • 5 mm Allen
  • WD-40 (or grease)


1.  First Bead Removal - Deflate the tire fully and apply the Apply WD-40 or similar lubricant to the bead of the tire where it meets the rim of the motor. Insert one tire spoon and pry the bead over the rim and then insert a second spoon next to the first and pry the bead over the rim as well. Push the spoons down on each side of the axle and use the axle as a leverage point to rotate the spoons in opposite directions



2.  Second Bead Removal - Remove the inner tube with the tire halfway off (deflate the tube as much as possible). Push the tire off the rest of the way and use the tire spoons if necessary.

3. First Bead Installation - Repeat the same procedures to install the first bead of the tire (lubricate the beads of the tire before installing). When the tire is halfway on slide the new innertube on and inserts the valve through the valve hole in the rim. Make sure the valve is as straight as possible when the tube is installed.


4.  Second Bead Installation - Pry the second bead onto the tire. It may be helpful to have a second person and 3 tire spoons. It may also help to inflate the tube slightly to push the tire toward (make sure the tube does not get under the bead of the tire). When fully installed inflate the tire to 35 PSI.

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