LCD Display Replacement

The LCD Display is designed to be easily replaced by the user in the unlikely event that it gets damaged.

Required Equipment

  • 3 mm Allen Wrench
  • 5 mm Allen Wrench

Recommended Equipment

  • Rubber Mallet (Hammer)


  • Loosen the Grips - Use a 3 mm Allen Wrench to loosen the screw on the collar of the handgrip and a 5 mm Allen to loosen the screw at the end of the handgrip (2-3 turns).



  • Remove the Hand Grip - Twist the handgrip with one hand as you pull it off. If it is too hard to remove, then loosen the end screw 1 revolution at a time until the handgrip can be pulled off.



  • Remove the Display- Disconnect the old throttle by pulling apart firmly at the connector with 2 hands. Loosen the set screw under the display with a 2 mm Allen enough to slide the display off the handle.



  • Install the Display - Loosen the set screw in the new display enough to slide it onto the hand and plug in the connector.



  • Install the Hand Grip - When installing the handgrip use a rubber mallet to tap it onto the hand bar to make it easier to install then tighten the 5 mm screw on the handgrip.



  • Tighten the Throttle - Tighten the display in the desired position with a 2 mm Allen and sure that there is ⅛” gap at a minimum between the throttle and the handgrip to prevent the throttle from sticking.



The gap between the throttle and the handgrip ensures that the throttle does not rub which could potentially cause the throttle to stick.

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