Grip Tape Overview

All CycleBoard models include a non-slip grip tape surface on the top side of the riding deck. If your board has a defective grip tape, bubbling, or you just want to replace your old/unwanted grip tape, follow the steps below:

Grip Tape Removal & Replacement Video

How to remove a bubble?

  • Bridging - The material can shrink due to temperature changes which can cause bridging near the transition between the main standing area and the tail of the deck. This can easily be removed with a hairdryer.


  • Heat the Bubble - Heat the affected area with a hairdryer or a heat gun and avoid focusing on one spot too long by constantly moving the heat gun.



  • Poke the Bubble - Poke the bubble once or multiple times depending on the size with a pin or a tool with a sharp point.



  • Press Down the Area - Firmly press down the bubbled area to remove the air and re-adhere the grip tape to the deck.


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