Front Tire/Tube Replacement (10" x 3")

Rover/Golf.  This guide provides the instructions for the replacement of the Front tires (10" x 3") for the Rover and Golf models.

Front Tire Replacement Video - Rover / Golf Models


It is recommended to perform an alignment after the first front tire replacement by following the steps outlined in the Front Wheel Alignment Guide. This will ensure the longest tire life and best steering performance

Required Equipment

  • 8 mm Allen
  • 10 mm socket
  • Ratchet (for 10 mm socket)
  • Bike Pump

Recommended Equipment

  • Loctite 242 (removable threadlocker)
  • Torque Wrench + 8 mm Hex Bit


  • Wheel Removal - Loosen and remove the wheel bolt with an 8 mm Allen by turning the wheel bolt counterclockwise.




  • Deflating the Tire - Use the 5 mm Allen to deflate the tire completely.


  • Separating the Rim -  Use the 10 mm socket to remove the 5 lock nuts on the inner side of the wheel. Flip the wheel over and then remove the 5 screws with a 5 mm Allen.


  • Separating the Rim - Inflate the tire with to 5-10 psi to help push the two halves of the rim apart.



  • Inner Tube Installation - Deflate the innertube enough to remove it from the old tire and install it into the new tire with the valve facing upward and the drive arrow pointing to the right for the right wheel when at the top of the tire (setup for right wheel below). For the Left wheel the drive arrow below when pointing to the left when at the top of the wheel.


  • Wheel Assembly -  Place the rim with the 5 threaded holes down on a table and insert the wheel spacer into the hole in the center of the wheel as seen below



  • Wheel Assembly - Place the tire over the rim making sure the valve aligns with the slot in the rim. Place the second half of the rim onto the assembly below and fully tighten the screws with a 5 mm Allen.


  • Wheel Assembly - Flip the wheel over and tighten install the 5 lock nuts with a 10 mm socket. While tightening hold tension on the screw from the other side with the 5 mm Allen.


  • Install the Wheel - Install the wheel bolt into the wheel and tighten very firmly with an 8 mm Allen making sure that the valve of the tire faces outward and away from the board.



It is highly recommended to use Loctite 242 (or a similar removable thread locker) and the recommended torque spec is 40 Nm (30 ft-lb).


All-wheel bolts come with a red Loctite patch on the threads that is rated for several reinstallations, but it is highly recommended to apply more Loctite as a secondary measure for keeping the bolts tight.

  • Inflate Tire - Inflate each front tire to 35 psi.





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