Brake Caliper Adjustment


A ticking noise coming from the rear of the board is an indication that the caliper is out of alignment and needs to be adjusted. This noise will usually be most noticeable under hard turns where the rear of the board can flex slightly.

Brake Caliper Adjustment Video

Required Equipment

  • 3 mm Allen (only needed if the rear fender is installed)
  • 5 mm Allen
  • 8 mm Socket (only needed if the rear fender is installed)


  • Opening the Deck - Models with a rear fender installed will require the removal of the fender to access the caliper mounting screws. Remove the 4 lock nuts under the left edge of the deck with an 8 mm socket to hinge and lift up on the left side of the deck to hinge open.



  • Fender Removal - Remove the fender mounting screws with a 3 mm (older models may require a 4 mm Allen) and tuck the fender away on top of the deck.



  • Adjusting the Caliper - Place a helmet or a small box under the rear of the board to get the rear tire off the ground. Loose the 2 screws on top of the caliper with a 5 mm Allen enough so that the caliper can slide side to side slightly (1-2 revolutions counterclockwise).



  • Adjusting the Caliper - Move the caliper side to side until the brake pads align with the brake disk and there is a small sliver of light on each side of the disk where it passes through the brake pads and tighten the screws with a 5 mm Allen enough to hold the caliper in place. Spin the rear wheel and make sure there is no ticking noise from the brake disk touching the brake pads and then tighten the mounting screws down all the way. If necessary loosen the screws and adjust further before firmly tightening the caliper mounting screws.



  • Mount the Fender -  Reinstall the and tighten all screws before closing the deck.


  • Close the Deck - Close the deck and install the 4 lock nuts under the left edge of the deck with an 8 mm socket.



With the finger nuts installed in place of the locknuts, the deck can be opened in seconds with no tools. If the deck does not need to be opened frequently then it is recommended to keep the lock nuts installed for extra security.

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