Battery Care, Use & Specs

CycleBoard uses advanced Lithium-Ion batteries made with LG cells.  Only dispose of Lithium-Ion batteries according to your local laws and regulations. CycleBoard sells 48v and 60v batteries, make sure to only use our 48v charger on a 48v battery and our 60v charger on a 60v battery.

Good Practices for Battery Care:

Allow your battery to rest for 15 minutes after charging before riding and for 15 min after riding before charging.  

Unplug your battery charger after the light turns green indicating your battery is fully charged.

It's best to top off your battery after riding each time, instead of intentionally draining it fully before charging.

Charge your battery once a month during periods of non-use.



Do not expose your battery to extremely low or high temperatures to avoid potential damage to your battery.  CycleBoard batteries are designed for optimal operation in temperatures below 130F and above 30F.  

Range Considerations

When first receiving your new CycleBoard, conduct several ride tests to establish a normal range that you can expect to get per charge.  The range will be affected by factors like rider weight, hills, speed, tire pressure, wind resistance, etc.  Establishing a baseline for the range you should expect will help you get the most out of your CycleBoard based on your particular riding conditions.


Only use approved battery chargers from CycleBoard. CycleBoard battery chargers are designed to be used worldwide between 110v - 240v.  If you are not located in the US, a plug adapter may be required.  To charge your battery, plug the battery charging cable into the charging port located on the left rear side of the CycleBoard chassis, then plug the other end of the charging cable into a standard wall outlet.  When the battery is done charging, unplug the charger from the wall outlet before you unplug it from the battery.




48v 9.6ah

460.8 watt-hours

5.2 lbs

13S3P /

LG Lithium-Ion Cell


48v 12.8ah

614.4 watt-hours


13S4P /

LG Lithium-Ion Cell


60v 19.2ah

1152 watt-hours


16S6P /

LG Lithium-Ion Cell



Always ensure the correct Cycleboard charger is used on the correct board. New chargers can be purchased on the accessories page of the website.

Rover/Golf - Utilize a 60V battery that requires a charger with an output of 67.2V

Elite/Elite Pro - Utilize a 48V battery that requires a charger with an output of 54.6V


  • Wall Outlet - Plug the charger into any wall outlet with a voltage of 100-240 VAC. The light on the charger will light up green.


  • Charge Port Cover - Rotate the plastic charge port cover on the left side of the chassis open to access the charge port and gently lift the rubber insert out of the way.


  • Plug-in Charger - Plug the charger in by making sure that the 3 pins on the charger cable align with the three holes on the charge port and push into place firmly. When the board is charging normally the light on the charger will turn red to indicate the board is accepting the charge and will turn to green when fully charged.



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