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Unit 1 Faro | Turn Signal Remote




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A handlebar mounted - Navigation Remote enables Turn Signals and an Automatic Brake Light when slowing down or stopping. This will take you from Visibility to Communication: while FARO makes you more visible to drivers, the Nav Remote allows you to communicate to them (using their language!). Through Turn Signals and an automatic Brake Light you’ll be able to signal your intentions to others and become more predictable.

*This is a separate "add on" to the Unit 1 Helmet, will not work stand alone.


• Turn Signals

• Automatic brake lights

• Fully Waterproof

• 40hs battery life

Tech Specs

• Battery life 30 hs of continued use

• Battery type Rechargeable Lithium-ion

• Charging USB Type-C

• Dimensions 34x34x46mm