Steering Speed/Wobble


If you feel like you are getting speed wobble at higher speeds and you are riding with both feet side by side, it is recommended to try a snowboard stance with one foot forward and one foot back to keep your weight balanced between the front and the back of the board. If the steering is unstable at lower speeds then proceed with inspecting the steering components.

Required Equipment

  • 3 mm Allen Wrench
  • 6 mm Allen Wrench (older models will require a 5 mm Allen)
  • 8 mm Allen Wrench (older models will require a 5 mm Allen)
  • Channel Lock Pliers
  • 8 mm socket or wrench

Steering Inspection

  • Skid Plate Removal - Fold the handle down and flip the board upside down on a soft surface to prevent scratching. Remove the skid plate screws with a 3 mm Allen.




It is recommended to have both front wheels off ground to take all pressure off the steering system.

  • Steering Linkage - Tighten both steering screws with a 6 mm and an 8 mm Allen (older models will require a 5 mm Allen for both).




If the screws are very loose then back them off 5-8 revolutions starting (do not fully remove) and add a red thread locker to reach screw and then tighten each screw firmly.

  • Steering Castle Nut - Open the deck by removing the 4 lock nuts under the left edge with an 8 mm Allen. Once inside pull the cotter pin off the castle nut and tighten the castle nut with channel lock pliers (clockwise) and reinstall the cotter pin after fully tightening and backing off slightly until the hole in the steering shaft aligns with a slot in the castle nut.


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