Golf Bag Mount Installation

Information about the installation of the bag mount of CycleBoard Golf.

Golf Bag Mount Install Video

Required Equipment

  • 5 mm Allen
  • 6 mm Allen
  • 10 mm socket
  • 13 mm socket
  • Ratchet (for 10 mm and 13 mm socket)
  • 13 mm Wrench (or adjustable crescent)


  • Sand Bottle Bracket - Install the sand bottle bracket on the left side of the mount using the two short M8 bolts, along with four washers and 2 locknuts. This will require a 6 mm Allen and a 13 mm socket.



  • Sand Bottle Holder - Install the sand bottle holder with the two M6 bolts, four locknuts, and four washers. This will require a 5 mm Allen and a 10 mm socket.



  • Lower Golf Mount - Peel off the protective film on the rubber of all four of the mounts and brackets. Hold the lower mount up to the bottom of the handle right above the upper handle pivot knuckle.



  • Lower Golf Mount - Install four of the longer M8 screws with washers using a 6 mm Allen and tighten all four bolts evenly so the gap between the mount and the bracket is even. While holding each bolt with the 6 mm Allen, install the washers and locknuts on the golf bag mount side.



  • Upper Mount - Install the upper mount the same way by first fully tightening all four bolts with washers and then install washers and locknuts on the other side. When tightening the locknuts hold the bolt with the 6 mm Allen to prevent the bolt from loosening.



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